Stylized Graveyard Pack

Stylized Graveyard Pack

Stylized Environment (Stylised, Gravestone, Coffin, Modular, Mansion House)

Bring an eerie atmosphere to your next Unreal Engine project with the Stylized Graveyard Pack. This spooky 3D environment pack includes everything you need to create a haunted graveyard scene.

The pack contains 19 modular mansion house pieces that can be arranged to form a creepy haunted house with tattered walls and boarded up windows. Surround the house with 22 modular fence pieces to create an ominous graveyard boundary.

Populate the graveyard with 33 unique gravestone models along with candles, coffins, a coffin cart, buckets, shovels, and other graveyard accessories. 13 plants and trees like gnarled oaks and weeping willows complete the haunted graveyard look.

With 41 materials and 174 high-quality textures, you can achieve an eye-catching stylized aesthetic. Use the included blueprints for the coffin, coffin cart, fences, gravestone randomizer, sky/moon, and lights to quickly add interactive elements.

Whether you're creating a spooky Halloween scene or a gothic horror game, the Stylized Graveyard Pack provides all the pieces you need to construct a chilling graveyard environment. Bring your darkest imaginings to life in Unreal Engine with this complete modular set.

Available in Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, Artstation, Cubebrush and CG Trader!


  • 19 Modular Mansion House
  • 22 Modular Fences
  • 33 Graveyard (Gravestone, Candle, Coffin, Coffin Cart, Bucket, Shovel, )
  • 13 Plants and trees


  • 41 materials


  • 174 textures


  • Coffin/CoffinCart
  • Fence (Spline)
  • Randomizer (Gravestone)
  • Moon/Sky
  • Post/Lights

Most models are complete on every side, you can flip them, rotate them, and do everything you want.

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