Stylized Backyard Pack

Stylized Backyard Pack

3D Environment (Stylised, Swimming Pool, Barbecue, Stylized, Food)

Bring your game environments to life with the Stylized Backyard Pack! This expansive 3D environment pack for Unreal Engine includes everything you need to create a lively and inviting backyard setting.

The pack contains over 40 high-quality 3D assets and materials featuring a bright, cheerful art style. Dress up your backyard with a classic chair and table set, detailed barbecue grill with coal, and 14 BBQ accessories like knives, forks, ketchup, mustard, and more. You'll also get 16 different food items from juicy burgers to barbecue ribs.

Modular pieces allow you to customize your environment. Build a perfect pool area with 4 modular swimming pool pieces and 2 pool floaters. Add welcoming wood floors, walls, and a sunny lounger with umbrella (customizable colors!)

With the extra stylized water, grass, and floor materials included, you'll have all the resources you need to bring your backyard game environment vision to life quickly and beautifully.

The Stylized Backyard Pack is optimized and ready to simply drag and drop into your Unreal Engine or Unity project. Ideal for crafting backyard, garden, or summertime themed games.

Available in Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, Artstation, Cubebrush and CG Trader!
Unreal Engine Marketplace
Unity Asset Store
Cubebrush - Stylized Backyard Pack
Flipped Normals - Stylized Backyard Pack
Stylized Backyard Pack - Artstation
CG Trader - Stylized Backyard Pack

NOTE: You need to enable Generate Mesh Distance Field in Project Settings > Engine > Rendering > Lighting, to the stylized water works properly.


  • 1 Chair / Table
  • 1 Barbecue Grill (with coal)
  • 14 BBQ Accessories (Knife, Fork, Spatula, Cutting Board, Jar, Cups, Ketchup, Mustard, Pepper, Salt, Tray, and Plate)
  • 16 Food (Hamburger, Sausage, Tomato, Bread, BBQ Rib, BBQ Steak, Chicken Thigh)
  • 2 Wood Floor
  • 2 Wood Wall
  • 1 SunLounger
  • 1 Sun Umbrella (Color Pick (Use any color you want on))
  • 4 Modular Swiming Pool (Wall, Corner, Water, Floor)
  • 2 Pool Floater

Extra Material:

  • 1 Stylized Water
  • 2 Floor Material
  • 1 Grass Material

All models are complete on every side, you can flip them, rotate and do everything you want, there are no missing faces/polygons on the bottom.

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